Why is art important?

Why art is important in my life.  By Lucia Burgess 5-22-15

I was diagnosed with dyslexia while in elementary school and
received help in training my eyes for reading.  My mother recalled, saying,
“You are so bright and it was hard to understand why you were having trouble in
school.”  It’s true that I saw things differently. I’ve since
learned that many artists have dyslexia.

By the time I entered middle school my disconnection with the learning
environment was like a big crack in the surface of the earth.  How would I
get past it?  My parents began looking at other school
options. Discovering the arts at a new school was a life
changing experience for me.  Engaging in the
arts including dance, drama, music and visual arts offered an avenue for my creativity. The blossoming that occurred transferred to other subjects and
areas of my life.  I am grateful to continue my artistic endeavors and offer a place for people to express themselves in art. Art is important to me because it is a way to express myself, see my creations and change as I wish.

I asked those in my classes to share why art is important to them. Below are some of the responses:

Ava Surrealism

“ It was the first thing in the universe and it starts millions and thousands of things.” Ava, Kindergarten

“ You can express your feelings and how you want people to know you.” Kate, 2nd grade

Cora Wood pecker

“It basically describes who you actually are.” Cora, 2nd grade

“You can do things you have never done before and learn from the best artists.”  Bridgette, 1st grade
“It makes me happy.” Audrey 2nd grade
Lukas ceramica duck
“You can do anything.” Lukas, 1st grade

“You can make your art look real and sometimes it does not look real.” Jake, Kindergarten

Olivia tulip
“Drawing and color are exciting to me.” Olivia, 2nd grade


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