School Programs

Eva clay catClasses can be offered at schools and community programs.  The curriculum begins with open-ended activities related to the elements of art.
Techniques are taught and practiced using activities that spark our intuitive nature and creativity.  Themes are explored
through a variety of mediums like  drawing, painting and pottery Kayleigh catmaking.  A ceramics project is usually offered at each session and other multimedia ideas are integrated. Creative movement and yoga are used to enhance a lesson plan based upon group interest.  The focus is adapted to the needs of the group or to a topic such as nature, animals and self-concept.  Art classes may also be designed for a Miriam picasso portraitschool subject, books, poetry, famous artists and the student’s ideas.  My goal is for students to be comfortable with risk-taking in art and making mistakes, because that is how we learn. The outcome is secondary to celebrating our individual process and authenticity.

LuciaArts has offered after school arts classes at  Parkview, Sunnyland, Wade King, Northern Heights and Lowell elementary schools.

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Photo Credits: Tifany Brooks

“photo credit: Tiffany Brooks Photography”