Ella pastel owl (1)

The contour line of this owl design was drawn with one line.









Art classes and camps are offered for primarily grades K-9 in which a theme is explored using drawing, watercolor and ceramics. Techniques are taught and practiced with activities that spark our intuitive nature and creativity. Movement offers a way to explore the topic, or elements of art while using our whole body.  Creative dance and yoga may be integrated into the curriculum based on group interest.

The curriculum may be tailored to explore a variety of subjects including the students ideas.  LuciaArt’s mission is to teach basic skills for self expression in the emergence of art.

Themes from nature like animals, seasons, plants, the garden, landscapes and people are enjoyable.  Representing nature through art is one way to express affinity for our planet earth. Themes related to self are also an integral part of the program.  Art offers a fun medium for getting to know ourselves and each other.  Drawing and painting emotions, each other, and ourselves is meaningful.  Being spontaneous when presented with a teachable moment that comes from the group may alter a lesson plan.  A flexible structure nurtures child led choices through art.

Ada leaves

Arts enrichment classes for Bellingham elementary schools have been ongoing since 2011. Summer camps, classes and workshops are offered at LuciaArts studio.  Adult ceramics classes are now available also. Please contact me if you are interested in a school or studio program. Let me know if you have a request for a specific class.

Maggie winter bird scene

Bio for Lucia Burgess

I teach arts enrichment programs in schools and offer classes and camps from my studio in Bellingham, WA.  I went to a school with a strong arts program and studied drama, music, ceramics and dance.  My BA from the Lola ceramic birdUniversity of Washington focused on dance and arts for children.  I pursued the healing arts and trained to instruct yoga for adults and children.

I have twenty years of   experience all combined of teaching creative dance and arts to children, and yoga to adults.  After taking visual art classes and art education for children, LuciaArts began.  A curriculum evolved based on themes that are explored through drawing, watercolor, ceramics, and movement.

I enjoy gardening, cooking, traveling with family and representing nature through art. Inspiring the creative process has always been my work.


phone: 360-510-1979