LuciaArts is focussed primarily on offering Art programs for elementary to middle school ages and we also offer Adult ceramic classes and workshops.   
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Connect with yourself, art and community.

  • Discover elements of art with innovative curriculum
  • Ceramics, drawing, watercolor and  multi media
  • Integrate movement and yoga based upon interest
Lucia is currently taking a break from teaching to focus on taking classes and creating art!


“My daughter had a great experience at LuciaArts! Lucia gives excellent, professional art instruction, all the while it is fun for her students. I highly recommend Lucia’s summer camps!”           Moira Chapeau

School and Community Programs

After-school arts enrichment classes for Bellingham elementary schools and community are ongoing throughout the school year.

Photo credits, Wei Wei Perry

“photo credit: Wei Wei Perry”


Photo Credit: Wei Wei Perry, A movement game involving quick stops and balancing in yoga postures.

Exploring a theme through a variety of mediums allows students to use small
and large motor skills, discovering what comes naturally as well as challenges that encourage learning.  Themes are loosely structured to include teachable moments and the interests of the kids. Creative movement and yoga activities offer kids ways to connect with their bodies – through focusing, breathing and releasing. Movement may be used to introduce concepts related to art or to burn off steam after sitting for a period of time.

Using drawing, painting and ceramics offers two and three dimensional experiences as well as enhancing problem solving skills. Getting to put their hands into clay is often a favorite part of class. From shaping the wet clay — to the solid form it becomes after being kiln fired, to painting it with glazes — in the end, having a piece that has become tactile and colorful.  Ideas that encourage creativity and fun are used to teach the elements of art as well as to practice techniques.  In the process of creating art we communicate, make changes, and learn about ourselves.

Summer camp 2014

“Over the last year, Katie has gained confidence in her creative abilities while having fun exploring different types of art. As a parent, I appreciate Lucia’s preparedness and planning for each class.”
Sara Knies, parent of a Wade Kind 3rd grader

 “ Art is important because you can express your feelings and how you want people to know you.”
Kate, 2nd grade